What I Do

"You specialize in something until one day you find it is specializing in you." – Arthur Miller

iOS/Web Development

Building amazing looking apps on devices that people use every day is what every developer could dream of. Also, creating websites is one of the most fun experiences for front-end developers.



I use designing for everything. For iOS and Web Development, this skill comes in handy all the time. Whenever I start a new project, designing is the first step.



After a few years of high school, Biology is one of my emerging curiousities. But I'm particularly interested in the coalescence of biology and engineering.

My Projects

Check out some of my work.

Pugi Blog

A tech blog.


The new definition of volunteering.


A utility to organize tasks.

Help Nepal

Help the victims of the earthquake.

WWDC Scholars

WWDC Scholarship Winners.

Hack Chair

We hacked a chair.

Measuring Brainwaves

The next dimension of technology.

Winner of the WWDC Scholarship.

WWDC Scholarships reward talented students and developers with the opportunity to attend this year’s conference. I was one of 350 students selected for the scholarship globally.

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About Me


My Beginnings

The first words I spoke as a baby was, "Computer Programming". Just kidding! For a child, I was nothing extraordinary. Good in education, okay in sports, but no true hobby.


An Interest in Aeronautics

By this time in my life, I have seen a lot of cool things in the world. But one of the coolest was defintely the ability to fly. Flights, although dreaded by some people, were interesting for me. I really wanted to understand how an airplane works, how it has the ability to fly, and why are there so many types of airplanes!


An Interest in Computer Technology

Don't get me wrong! I still have a passion for aeronautics. However, when I came around the concept of computer programming, I was mind-blown. I always looked at the awesome websites - Apple, Google, and Yahoo (at that time for me). And when I made my first website, I tried to make the new Apple (it wasn't a bad try). I even tried downloading their source code, change most of the text (inspect element), and showing it to others. But then I got my first iPhone...

Summer 2014


Then, I decided to try some other awesome stuff. I played many games on my phone and used several apps. Then I asked to myself, "Why can't I make something like this?" Well, I decided to get into iOS Programming! Thanks to Meng To, I could kindle my next passion!

Summer 2015

WWDC '15

On June 8-12, I witnessed what every iOS/macOS developer could dream of. At Apple’s annual World-Wide Developer Conference, I learned and increased my level of coding with technical sessions, Apple Engineers, and hands-on labs.

Early 2016

AAR Project

As a sophomore in high school, I participated in the Advanced Authentic Research program in my school. Not only was I succesful in completing my project, but I also discovered my underlying passion for biology and engineering.

Latest Blogposts

from Pugi Blog
fingerprint Science

AAR Final Wrap-Up

Several months ago, I decided to take a class that would change my perception on technology and the human brain. After months of hard work and dedication, I finally finished my project. The ability to display brainwave data on a smartphone. Read More

memory Technology

Logitech MX Master Review

A few months ago, Logitech added a new mouse to their MX series. The Logitech MX Master. This advanced mouse packs several new features that makes this one of the best mice on the market. Read More

memory Technology

What is a Raspberry Pi?

In today’s market a decent laptop or desktop costs around $1000. But there is a computer for only $30! A Raspberry Pi is a small computer that is the size of a credit card. Read More